Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Mountain

The kids around here have been bemoaning the lack of snow suitable for playing in for a few weeks. So they were very happy with the eight or so inches we got the other day, and even happier when their dad had the parking lot plowed and a big pile of snow was formed that the back of our lot.

It has been dubbed "Snow Mountain"
I was really surprised how much fun Eleanor had playing in the snow. Last year she wanted to go out and lasted about thirty seconds before coming back in too cold. This year she was right in there with the rest of them.
Katie did not join the crew outside. We had already been "superdishing" ( a modified version of sledding involving an old satellite dish and a four wheeler--a post for another time) at a friend's house, and she had been cold and wet enough for one day. But the others couldn't wait to take the hill when we got home.

After spending a few hours in the snow, nothing hits the spot like hot cocoa!

At least someone is enjoying this white mess. I'm ready for spring, myself.

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