Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A giant golfball on a giant tee...

A giant golfball on a giant tee.

You don't see one of these every day, do you?

This picture was taken at the Rend Lake golf course in southern Illinois a few weeks ago. Dan had to attend a continuing education conference there for his funeral license, so we all went along as a little mini-vacation. Elijah was enthralled with this water tower, and every time he saw it (which was many, many times each day), he would say in his loud, shrill five year old voice, "Look! A giant golf ball on a giant tee!" His dad or I would reply, "You don't see one of those every day, do you?" and then he would respond "Nope, you sure don't."

This exchange occurred dozens of times each day, much to the annoyance of his sisters. In fact, I think annoying the girls may be the reason we kept doing it.

We had a good time. Dan was in class some of the time, but the kids enjoyed the pool and we got to go out on Rend Lake for a while one afternoon. It's so nice to get away, even for just a couple of days.

Here's Dan and Eleanor on the boat:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Indoor campout

The kids decided to "camp out" in the funeral parlor downstairs. Nothing like roughing it on carpet in the air conditioning.

No campout is complete without s'mores, even if it is indoors. The kids had a blast with this indoor s'more maker.

Even better with the lights out!!!