Saturday, February 18, 2006

My mom has lost her mind...

at least I'm pretty sure that's what Eleanor was thinking when I put her in the sink for a bath. Our tub is till not usable, and while everyone else can use the standing shower in the basement, the baby got a sink bath. It freaked her out a little at first, but once she got over the shock it was fine.

The good news is that the tub surround is in and as soon as the caulk is dry we can start using it again. Hooray! Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow after church so he can get his apple pie.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My bathroom is demolished

Not long after we moved here, the tiles in our tub/shower started coming loose. The soap dish actually fell out, leaving a gaping hole in the wall. We've been trying to keep the water out with Glad Press 'n Seal for some time now. (without much success, I might add)

So anyways, my dad the carpenter is coming tomorrow to put in a new tub surround. Yeah! It is so handy to have a carpenter in the family, especially one that works for apple pie. My husband and four year old son spent the evening tearing out the rest of the tiles. They made a huge mess and had a blast. It was so precious to see my boy doing "men's work" alongside his daddy and to see the gentleness and patience his dad showed him while they worked together. It almost made me not mind that they then proceeded to track plaster muck all over the carpet. Sigh...