Friday, May 19, 2006

Katie's garden

A couple of weeks ago, Katie and I put in a flower garden. She picked the spot, researched what plants would grow best in a mostly shady area, and carefully chose flowers that would compliment one another in color and size. I was really impressed. Then we planted the flowers together and moved rocks for a border. The end result was very nice.

I love that as she grows we will always be able to look at this beautiful place we made together and remember the fun we had and the time we spent making it.

Mackenzie has already picked out her spot for her flower garden, too. I hope we can get it done this week. When we do, I'll post pictures of it also.

Monday, May 15, 2006

How my family spoiled me on Mother's Day

I had such a nice Mother's day. I hope you all did, too. On Friday, my husband surprised me with my present, a new bike. I was thrilled! My old bike was really old, a yard sale find from several years ago. One of the tires has been flat for more than a year and we haven't been able to find a new one the right size. This one is so nice. Unfortunately, it hasn't stopped raining here since Thursday, so I haven't been able to ride it yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

We had brunch late Saturday morning with Dan's mom, and enjoyed visiting with everyone on his side of the family. She was so happy to have us all over. I know that is something that she and her husband really missed for the year they lived away from here. Saturday evening, Dan took us out to supper, which was very nice. I sincerely enjoy cooking for my family, but going out to eat is such a special treat. The kids behaved well and we had a great time.

Sunday morning, I was treated to a breakfast of scrambled eggs, fruit salad and cinnamon chip scones. The fruit salad and scones were leftover from brunch on Saturday, but I didn't care. It was a thoughtful gesture. The kids gave me cards and pictures they'd made. So sweet! Then we spent the day with my grandma, mom and dad and extended family.

Here are some pictures:

This is the card Elijah made for me and the flower he brought me from his Sunday School class.

A front and back view of my card from Mackenzie. The back side says "I will give you a very good back rub." What more could I ask for?

And finally, my card from Katie, which brought tears to my eyes.

I am so glad God made me a mom!!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Things are quieter around here

and that is a good thing. I could do without any more of the kind of excitement we had around here last weekend!

As an update on our incident, the man who came here was hospitalized briefly, but has been released. He called our home yesterday morning and spoke with Dan. He was apologetic and humble. Dan was able to share forgiveness with him and tell him that we are praying for him. I think there may be criminal charges filed for the\weapons offense, but we reallydon't have anything to do with that. I just hope that through all of this our family might be a witness to this man and that he will come to know the joy and peace that a relationship with God can offer.

In other news, we have been busy helping my inlaws move into their new home. About a year ago they moved 3 1/2 hours away for my father-in-law's work, but they missed their family so much that they decided to come back. They are moving to the same small town where my parents still live. My inlaws are wonderful people. We have missed them so much, and are rejoicing that they are close to us again. What a blessing for our children to have all four of their grandparents living only 15 miles away!

A cute story about when Elijah saw their house for the first time: As we were leaving, he said, "Mom,I got to go into Grandpa's den."

"You did?" I answered.

"Yeah, it wasn't underground or anything. It was just like an office," he replied.

It took me a second to figure out what he meant, but then I realized that when Nana told him that Grandpa had a den in the house, he was expecting a den like a bear or fox would live in. The room must have been a big disappointment.