Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One more Christmas post...

OK, one more batch of Christmas pictures...

Christmas morning is always so much fun. The kids were especially excited this year because "Mikey" spent the night with us. We have a couple of rules about Christmas morning at our house. First, no one is allowed downstairs until everyone is up and we go together. Secondly, no one is allowed to wake up Mom and Dad until 6am at the earliest. Any earlier is just too early (especially since some years we are up way too late on Christmas Eve still wrapping...)

The race downstairs to see what's under the tree.
Eleanor with her pink and purple My Little Pony. A few weeks before Christmas, she started asking for a pony. We thought she wanted a real one! It was a relief to find out she just wanted a little plastic one. She also got a new stroller, carseat and bed for her dollies.
Elijah had a space-themed Christmas: Matchbox Shuttle Mission and Space Rover, and Lego Mars Mission Alien Infiltrator. He's been on an outer-space kick lately.
Mackenzie with her Breyer horse. The girl loves horses. She also got a camera and a new music bag for her piano books.
Katie got her much-wished-for pink Ipod, along with some books and a Willow Tree figurine.

Michael had a very practical Christmas this year--mostly accessories for his truck.
Sometimes being a grown up is not so much fun.

But sometimes it is, like when your kids buy you a model rocket!

This is an SR-71 Blackbird. Dan's father worked on these planes when he was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Very cool. The kids (including Dan) can't wait until the weather is good enough to launch it.

After we opened our gifts, I made our traditional Christmas morning breakfast: monkey bread and fresh squeezed orange juice. I also made some pancakes because one pan of monkey bread no longer feeds all my little monkeys.

A little later we were off the the Allen farm for lunch with my family, which is another fun tradition. Lots of good food, lots of cousins to play's a special day.

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