Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm learning to make bread!

Most people think I'm a pretty good cook, especially when you consider how far I've come. Dan ate a lot of Tombstone pizzas early in our marriage! Since then, I've learned to make a lot of things, but baking yeast breads has always intimidated me.

A few years ago, thinking I would impress my family at Thanksgiving, I attempted to make homemade rolls. They turned out like hockey pucks.

But, since Dan bought me my Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday/anniversary/Christmas this fall, and it has the dough hook attachment, I thought I would give it a try again, this time with much better results.

I made this cinnamon bread the other day.

It was actually Katie's idea to take the picture of it and blog about it. I guess she really liked it. I've also found a recipe for honey wheat bread that everyone really likes and have made several times. The kids will even eat it for sandwiches, which says a lot for my white-bread lovers. It's all part of my plan to start feeding this crew healthier.

1 comment:

jada said...

Good job! I love making bread. I have been making bread for years and years but dinner rolls still elude me. lol

Have you ever made cinnamon rolls? Of course that is going back down the "healthy" ladder.

Now that you can make bread, pizza dough is simple simon.

Maybe you've already tackled cinnamon rolls and pizza dough?