Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wild Neighbors

Our neighborhood has recently had a new family move in...a family of foxes. A mother fox and five kits have taken up residence in the culvert across the street.

She is just beautiful, and the kits are so cute scampering around. We have really enjoyed watching them. Whenever one of us notices them, we call "the foxes are out," and it seems like whatever else we were doing goes by the wayside while we watch them. It can be a little distracting while we are trying to do school, but how often do you get to see these shy and beautiful creatures so close?

This picture shows how close to the street the den is. The entrance is just behind where the mother fox is standing. She doesn't always even hide when cars go by.

So cute!


Sisbob's Mom said...

How nice that another homeschooling family has moved in across the street.  Looks like that mother is just as busy as you are wrangling her brood.  Her kits/kids look to be pretty cute and foxey, but not nearly as smart, clever and wonderful as the kids/kits that live in the den at 602.  :) :) :) :)

Ryan Miller Fam said...

My girls would so enjoy watching this fox with her babies!!! How neat!