Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top 10 Things About Living in a Funeral Home

Here is a post from my old blog, just for fun...

As a side note, fifteen years ago when my then boyfriend/now husband told me he wanted to go to mortuary school, I told him "that's fine, but just so you know, I will never live above a funeral home." Ha! Never say never!

1. We have an elevator. Well, a freight lift actually, but it's still cool. It makes carrying groceries upstairs a whole lot easier.

2. I have 24 hour access to a copy machine. There's one in my husband's office downstairs. Color copies and everything.

3. The funeral parlor downstairs is big enough to host both my family and my husband's family for dinner. We had 50+ people here at Thanksgiving and all were able to eat in the same room. It's like renting hall.

4. It's big!! We went from about 1000 sq. feet to 4000! to breath.

5. Large concrete parking lot. Perfect for scooters, skates, bikes, basketball, etc.

6. Two Christmas trees. I got to put up two trees this year. We put a real tree upstairs in our home with all the handmade family ornaments like always, but we also bought a beautiful artificial tree to put downstairs. It had all white lights with gold and blue decorations to match the decor downstairs. It looked so elegant. Like having the best of both worlds.

7. I have the perfect excuse not to have a tupperware/candle/basket party. Never know when we might have a visitation or funeral.

8. My husband's commute to the office...about ten seconds. Many days were are able to eat breakfast, lunch and supper together as a family.

9. Lots of teachable moments. No, I'm not talking about anatomy, biology or chemistry. This line of work has given us many opportunities to talk to our kids about life and death, what is eternal and what is temporal. Already our oldest has noticed the difference in how believers mourn and those who have no hope. It's a powerful witness.

10. It's a ministry. We sincerely want to minister to the families we serve, by showing hospitality, encouraging stewardship and offering resources and referrals to help them through their loss. It is humbling to think that we can be the hands and feet of Christ to those who mourn.

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