Saturday, April 12, 2008

It was spring last weekend...

As I am sitting in my cold house this morning listening to the heat kick on and grumbling in my heart about the forecast I just read for snow showers tomorrow (yes, that 's what it said), I am going to choose to remember last weekend, when at least for a brief moment in time, it was spring.

After Katie's recital, Mom and Dad came back to the house with us. The kids put on play clothes, I opened up the windows, and we enjoyed a perfect spring day.

Dan even got the grill out and cleaned it up to make burgers. They were delicious as always, honey. You are the Grill Master!

Our huge parking lot makes a great "canvas" for chalk art.

Elijah's rocket ship

He also drew an alligator and a house, and helpfully wrote his name so I would know which pictures were his.

Mackenzie's cross

Katie's picture with some help from Eleanor in the upper right corner.

It was a lovely afternoon and evening. As I look out my window at the grey, windy, gloomy day outside, I long for the sunshine again. The kids want to go outside and play. I want them to go outside and play. I want to go outside and play. Alas, not today, but soon enough.

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