Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun

A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon at Hog Wallow Farm near Dana, Indiana, enjoying a perfect fall day and some pumpkin patch fun.

Katie is driving, of course.

Elijah & Eleanor led us through the corn maze.

Throughout the maze, there were markers with trivia questions.

Very odd trivia questions.
With poor spelling.

There were a series of these questions, specifically concerning pigs, chickens, sheep, turkeys, rabbits, calves, and so on. While the answers were never posted anywhere that we found, some of the other signs did spell "slaughtered" correctly, so that was a relief.

While the older kids puzzled over the quantity of livestock killed in our country, Constance enjoyed drinking everyone's cider that they left on her tray.

Petting Zoo

Hog Wallow Farm has a great playground area with several big and unique slides. Constance was not sure about the slides at first, and there was a bit of tongue clucking as she watched the other kids.

But as usual, once she saw them doing it, she decided that she was up for a ride down the slide, too.

Signing and saying "more"

Constance even got brave enough to go down the big slide alone.

Mackenzie would take her to the top, and then she would wait until Mackenzie got back down to the bottom to catch her.

Here's the proof:

My eighteen-month-old adrenaline junkie.

Just before it was time to go home, Eleanor helped us pick out the perfect pumpkin for our family jack o' lantern.

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