Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Katie's Recital

Katie had a recital this past Sunday in Champaign, and as usual, played beautifully.
Katie with her teacher, Leah Miller

Constance didn't stay awake to hear Katie play.

Sonata "Pathetique," 2nd movement, Adagio by Beethoven

Adagio by Marcello

This was Katie's first time performing since she started having pain in her bow arm a little more than a year ago. It also was her first performance on her very own new cello that she has worked and saved for over the last two years.

She was a bit nervous and not really pleased with this performance, but I thought she played well, so I'm posting it here, anyway. Sorry, Kate.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravissimo!! Always with such grace and beauty, she plays; in person or recorded on your blog. We all should have realized that she had musical talent from the way she banged on the Fisher-Price xylophone long ago. You can and should be proud, Mom. I'm not biased, I'm honest, and I'm the Grandma! X0X0

jada said...

Oh Erin! Congrats on the new little one. I just decided to pop over to see what you have been up to and if you had had the baby yet. What a nice surprise. She is just beautiful! =-)
jada frahm