Friday, July 4, 2008

51 Chevy

Dan is one step closer to realizing a long time dream of restoring his great-grandfather's '51 Chevy pick up truck. He recently had it moved from the barn where it has been stored for over thirty years, to a storage shed here in town. Let the tinkering begin!

Well, it might need a little more than tinkering. Many, many mice have called this truck home in the last thirty years. When Dan opened this door, let me tell you a powerful stink wafted out. Be thankful that technology doesn't yet allow smells to be transmitted over the internet. This was foul.

Dan has talked about fixing up this truck for as long as I have known him. I knew he really liked me when he took me to see it. There's a lot to be done, but it will be a labor of love.

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