Tuesday, November 16, 2010

leaves are falling

We took advantage of the 70 degree days last week to clean up at least some of the leaves that have fallen. Fall leaf clean-up is always a battle around our house, because the kids want to make a big pile to play in and Dad just wants the leaves cleaned up.

Kids won this year!

The kids wait as Mackenzie rakes up a big pile.

When Constance got dropped into the leaf pile the first time, she sank to the bottom and we had to go in after her. We all thought it was pretty funny, but...

she was not as amused as we were.

She got over it, though, and like with all other things her siblings do, she was right in the middle of the action.

Elijah takes a flying leap

Mackenzie dives in headfirst,

and ends up with a bunch of leaves down her back.

Bath night for everyone.

The big kids were getting a little rambunctious in the leaf pile for Constance, so she took a ride on the the mower with Daddy, and in five minutes:

We did get a lot done that evening. I really enjoy when we all work and play as a family. The bummer is that one week later, you can't really tell we accomplished anything. The leaves just keep falling...

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