Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Air Evac helicopter

One very cool thing about having a dad who drives an ambulance is that when the Air Evac helicopter comes to do training, you get to come and watch it.

Eleanor helps her dad check out the landing site and make sure all of the signals are flashing.

Those blades make a big wind.

Wouldn't you know, just before the chopper arrived, the ambulance got a call and Dan had to leave. Fortunately, the call was actually in Paris' district and they were able to get back for the training.

Elijah in the paramedic's seat.

Mackenzie tries out the pilot's seat.

By this time, Eleanor was cold and tired, and the mosquitoes were threatening to carry her away, so Katie had taken her to the truck. After the kids got to see the inside of the helicopter we joined them and left the ambulance crew to their training.

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