Sunday, October 5, 2008

He's coming home!!!!!

Michael called this morning and told us that they are preparing to leave Iraq. We've been hearing this rumor since the beginning of the summer, and from my limited experience with all things Army through my brother and his family, I was skeptical. Hopeful, but skeptical. The Army seems to do things whenever they do them, usually later than sooner.

But, when Michael said one of his jobs today was to pick up the big shipping containers so they could start packing up, I thought, "hmm?"

And when Dan checked his email this morning, there was a message from the battalion commander, and they are coming home!!! No dates for sure, but we have every reason to believe he will be home for Christmas. Hooray!!!

I am just weeping as I type this. God is so good and has been so faithful in keeping him safe from harm during this time. Just from talking to him, I can tell how much he has grown and learned in the last year. Words fail me to express how proud I am of him.
The only thing that gives me any pause in my celebration is knowing that for Michael's batallion to come home early, someone else has to replace them early. I hate the thought that somewhere this morning a mom or wife or fiancee is also crying because her soldier isn't going to be home for Christmas like she'd hoped. There are still so many sacrifices being made by so many.
But, I am grateful... so grateful... for this incredible and wonderful surprise.
God is so good!!!!

P.S. He is also very excited about being a big brother again, and agrees with Elijah that it's time for another boy.

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