Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pig Roast 2008

Here are a few pictures from the 37th annual Allen Pig Roast...

Celebrating Aunt Dee & Uncle Steve's 40th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to you both. You are an inspiration to so many of your friends and family.

The French-themed food table, in honor of their family trip to Paris this summer.

This year, to help with the expenses Steve and Dee incur for this bash, the pottyhouses were paid for by corporate sponsorships. No one said this was a classy party!

This, however, was the classiest potty house I've ever seen. It was complete with lotion, wipes, air freshener, etc. Ladies only, please!

The kids had a blast as always, playing with cousins and getting really dirty.

Uncle Scott came through again this year with the inflatable slide.

The crowd gathers under the shade tree to listen to the band.

Time to dig up the pig. A couple of nights before, a fire is burned in the pit and then the pig is put on top of the coals and buried. The heat from the coals and the earth cook the meat. Sunday evening it is uncovered, and we eat it.

Well, some of us do. I personally have always believed that once an animal dies and is buried, you should not dig it up and eat it. I prefer the beef that is cooked over the grill that afternoon. But those who eat the pig swear it is the best pork ever. I take their word for it.

There it is.

For reasons I do not know, when the pig comes out of the ground, it is paraded past the crowd by a group of musicians singing and playing "When the Saints Go Marching In." It's just a Pig Roast thing.

By far, one of the things that makes Pig Roast so special is the music every year. This year someone brought a didgeridoo. It had such a cool sound.

BIG bonfire.

Katie and Eleanor hanging out around the campfire.

Thanks again for another wonderful year of of traditions and memories, Uncle Steve and Aunt Dee. We love you!


Dee said...

Erin, You really captured the heart of the event! Thanks for the tribute...there are those who are already counting down days to #38. Love you back!
Aunt Dee

Nitchfield News said...

Too fun! Sounds like a special family time, with lots of fun touches (the decorated outhouses, music and parading of the pig). It was fun to share it via imagination!