Thursday, August 21, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, we went with our church group to Skateland in Danville for roller skating and laser tag.
Elijah was a wall hanger.

He never did quite get the hang of it, although Katie pushed/pulled/dragged him around the rink a few times.

Dan tried to help him too, but unfortunately Elijah seems to have inherited his mother's natural balance. You will notice there are no pictures of me out there. I will never go skating with Dan again. The one and only time I ever went ice skating he tried to kill me. He denies it, but it's true. :)

Mackenzie had no trouble zipping around the rink.

Even with all his falls, he managed to have fun.

But laser tag was more fun and he was better at it.
He made the rank of Cosmic Seargent.

Cool blacklights.

While the big kids were doing laser tag and skating, Eleanor and I checked out the mini golf course. After the first two holes, she decided it was much easier to just drop the ball in the hole than to mess with the putter. It goes a lot faster that way, too.

She was very distressed when her ball went into the water the first time, but once she found out there were nets to fish it out...well, that's even more fun than dropping the ball in the hole!

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