Sunday, November 11, 2007

Katie's 13th birthday

We had a very special night last Thursday, and I just had to include it here. My beautiful daughter, Katie, turned 13. It's hard to believe she's that old, and even harder to believe that I'm old enough to have a teenager. Still, I am so proud of the gracious, talented and thoughtful young woman she is growing into. She is lightyears ahead of where I was emotionally and spiritually at her age. I can take none of the credit; I just stand in awe at what God has accomplished in her in such a short time.

I took her to get her hair done. She looked stunning, and much more sophisticated than thirteen. Then her father and I took her out to one of the nicer restaurants around--they don't even have a children's menu that I am aware of. After dinner and dessert (creme brulee. yum.), we gave her a special gift: a purity ring. We also presented her with a purity covenant that she and her father signed and I witnessed. Then we were off to see a local university production of La Boheme. Yes, our thirteen year old actually asked to go to the opera with her parents on her birthday. Isn't that sweet?

Here are some pictures of our special evening:

Katie opening her ring

Daddy puts the ring on her ring finger, where it will stay until it is replaced with an engagement ring or wedding ring.

Katie and her prince charming-for-now, Daddy

After the performance

It was a very special night for all of us. For so many, the teenage years are an expected and almost accepted period of rebellion against all authority. I know from my own experience that around the age of thirteen is when my own heart began to turn away from my parents and I became more and more enamoured with worldly ideas. I am so thankful for Christians who have worked so diligently to show parents effective ways to win the hearts of their children. I am grateful for those brave saints who have stood up against our culture and promoted homeschooling, courtship, purity and family discipleship. Most of all, I am humbled beyond words to a great and merciful God, who took this very imperfect, formerly feminist and career minded woman, and gave her a heart for her family and a vision of biblical womanhood. And even beyond that, He has blessed my feeble and stumbling efforts to pass on this vision to my daughters more abundantly than I could ever have hoped for.

Happy birthday, Kathryn Danielle. You are a blessing and a treasure. We love you more than words can say.

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jada said...

So so sweet, Erin. Daughters are such a blessing to their mamas. Your relationship will only get better and better.

~jada f.