Monday, March 29, 2010

holy experience

I found this project at another blog I frequently enjoy reading, A Holy Experience, and decided to undertake it for myself. Every Monday, I will list things that I am thankful for, blessings in my life, until I reach a thousand or even more.


1. Jesus Christ, my redeemer
2. My husband who is also my best friend
3. Five beautiful, healthy children at home
4. The opportunity to share Michael's life and see him grown, married and happy.
5. My parents, whom I didn't appreciate enough when I was growing up and I can't express enough appreciation for now.
6. In-laws who have always loved me like their own daughter.
7. A brother who makes me unspeakably proud
8. Sisters-in-law who have become to me the sisters I always longed for when I was growing up.
9. The chance to have known all of my grandparents well.
10. An extended family that has always managed to have more love than dysfunction
11. Overflowing bookshelves.
12. Children who think spaghetti is a gourmet meal and are thrilled when I make it.
13. Hot showers
14. The feeling of a baby sleeping on your chest
15. The promise of spring

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