Friday, August 7, 2009

Turkey Run

The second week of July we took our annual trip to Turkey Run with family and Wesley Chapel church friends. As always, it was a wonderful time, with beautiful scenery, good food and wonderful fellowship. This year in particular, the weather could not have been any better. Mild temps, low humidity and only a little rain the very last morning.

A happy camper

The kids did all kinds of fun activities: trails, canoeing, swimming, and go carts. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of any of those adventures since Constance and I stayed at the campsite. I don't think she's quite up for trails or go carts yet!

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. It was very relaxing to have nothing in the world to do except play with a baby and read a book when she napped.

The kids entertained us with a talent show. This has become a tradition. Sometimes there's actually talent involved.

Summer doesn't get much better than this.

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