Tuesday, May 27, 2008

He's home!!!

Elijah arrived home from his trip to Florida about 9:00 on Sunday evening. Not a moment too soon for his sisters (and mom), who missed him terribly. The house was so quiet while he was gone!

All four peas back in the pod!

His sisters decorated his room with a welcome home banner and signs.

Here he is showing off his pin collection. Apparently pin collecting is the thing now at Disney. He brought home a pin for each of his sisters, and also colored princess hot chocolate mix. Purple, green and blue hot chocolate. We tried the green and blue today. It's not half bad.

Grandma Nancy took almost nine hundred pictures through the week, so I should have some I can post in the near future. He is still talking about all the things he did. But--he's also glad to be home. In his own words, "I could live at Saratoga Springs (the resort), but only if my family was there with me." Aww. Now do you see why we missed him so much?

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jamielynn3428 said...

I'm glad he had fun!