Thursday, October 19, 2006

Katie's perm

My oldest daughter, Katie, has always wanted curls. Alas, she inherited my stick-straight hair, only even thicker and heavier. We had tried every tool available to curl her hair, all to no avail. If we did manage to produce a weak curl, it was gone within an hour's time.

So, I finally agreed to let her get a perm. She started 7th grade this year, and that's how old I was when I got my first perm. I looked at it as another rite of passage of sorts. She is less and less a girl all the time. She's growing into a beautiful young lady.

It took four hours for the beautician to roll her hair, and we had to go back after about a week for a touch up. That hair just didn't want to curl!! In the end, though, I think it turned out beautifully. Much nicer than my first perm, which was one of those frizzy 1980's poodle perms.

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