Saturday, March 4, 2006

Katie's pancakes

My lovely daughter Katie made pancakes for her family's breakfast this morning. She got up first and just fixed them without being asked. From scratch. With chocolate chips and everything.

Here she is, my little apprentice:

Here are the adorable mini pancakes she made for her baby sister.

Notice that she added colored sprinkles and Mickey Mouse ears. Yeah, she's a gem.

Teaching my girls to work in the kitchen has been such a blessing. My mom is a good cook, but she doesn't like to cook and doesn't do it much. We ate a lot of frozen/convenience foods and take out when I was growing up. When she did cook, it was easier and faster for her just to do it, and so I didn't know how to cook anything beyond frozen pizza when I got married. My poor husband.

After 13 years, I have learned to cook and love preparing meals for my family. I also love passing on those skills to my girls. When the time comes for them to be married, I want them to be prepared to take care of their homes and families. Some of our best conversations and teachable moments have taken place over a batch of cookies.

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